From Passion to Paradigm

we're creating a new direction in design to enhance our clients digitally driven  lives,

more than ever before

Welcome to my new site and newest work, which you can browse by category above, some so fresh off the presses it has yet to be professionally photographed. This work represents The New Design Paradigm in how I design for clients to flourish in their spaces, even with real time changing needs. You can read more about the process in the coming weeks as I launch a blog, and in media & for awards which I've been honored to receive. The The New Design Paradigm shift is a culmination of my expertise in design; my work in luxe homes & also on experiential spaces for business clients, crafted carefully from 25 years combined experience in the high end interior design & hospitality industries. 

From Saratoga Springs to Newport, and Montreal to Manhattan Rooftops, I've been weaving a web of markedly original creative interiors that hearken as much to authentic eras of design as they do to the here-and-now excitement & charge you feel when being in a room that's done just right- whether it is the innovative color palette that relates to you most, or the piece we restored from the clients own mementos and heirlooms.

The New Design Paradigm is part of understanding what makes people 'switch off' and relax and enjoy. And, its one of the ways we've been studying what makes people tick from a series of diverse methodologies that gives meaning to our interiors based on psychology, centuries old physiology rooted in ancient chinese medicine as well as the latest MBA business management analytics.  Especially the years spent side by side with discerning consumers, guiding and shaping the feel of spaces and even my understanding of the mind body connection with my yoga practice drives the creative results I deliver.  

Beautiful environments can take you to a place of inspiration, delight and ultimately to the present moment.  There, you resonate differently with the world & offerings around you. With compelling beauty in your home, you change the game of how you live and work; elevated to its very best caliber. 

For business clients, I offer a unique perspective of innate design, real world restaurant operations and business acumen that exemplifies how design is embedded in behavior, and the end game of profit growth really is by way of design, comfort & style, afterall. 

I invite you to explore and stay connected with me, as I share insights on The New Design Paradigm. And, as always, stay tuned for my upcoming work as it unfolds in the months and weeks to come.