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Welcome to 'paradigms' the first of many posts to share & celebrate design~~

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Welcome to my point of view & what moves me, available online anytime, starting today! Thank you for visiting the inaugural post of my blog! I am very excited to be doing what I love most- designing for my clients and understanding people so that I can craft spaces that really show who they are. Design is a powerful tool and I am grateful for the medium and love bringing new work to each client that is as original as each of them.

I wanted to create a place we can connect on all things design. Beauty has always stopped me in my tracks and I think its a very powerful thing. We are living in unique times where we're pushed to extremes and balance is more important than ever. Funny enough, the need for balance and the role of home have grown together. Curious, isn't it, that home seems to become all the more important in step with our need for balance?

I've always had the instinct that beauty and design are much more powerful than we give them credit for. I believe they can transform us, ground us, save steps that add up to real impact, and yes, even give us a unique foundation that only our home can give us. Our spaces from home to our favorite cafe or shop helps us thrive at our best, when done right.

So this blog is a celebration of design and all that it brings to our lives. From what I am seeing, to creating, and new innovations in the world of design, that I think you'd like to take note of. Design is a powerful tool and I am here to show the power of that innovation. I think you'll be surprised at the meaning I create and the versatility of design as a tool to make our lives better so we can thrive in spaces that are the best versions of ourselves.

So this blog is a celebration of design and all that it brings to our lives. Thanks for coming and check back often, or better yet subscribe to new posts. We're are excited to 'begin it now' with you!

Cheers to design and all the beauty ahead!

- Brendan

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