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Brendan Flanigan

founder / owner


Brendan Flanigan is the Founder/Owner of Brendan Flanigan Interiors, Inc., an award winning design practice focusing on artistry, precise finish, and authentic materials and approach founded in 2008.  Winner IDA and numerous awards and accolades, Flanigan’s work has been published nationally, and he is a sought after speaker on home luxury and what drives the luxury consumer, for the design industry’s foremost events, Including ICFF + BDNY, and the NKBA Luxury Design Summit. 

For over 15 years, effortless style, listening to clients and producing spaces that are made for print, has been the approach everyday and has taken him to projects in the US’s leading luxury real estate markets for home design, and in his commercial work he has advised and designed for creative clients, restaurants, and retail- producing not only beautiful spaces, but record financial growth through changing interior design, alone. In his own words about his work and creative path, “In aesthetics lay great power and uncovering that, harnessing that and using it to change our lives is what makes me tick and is my life’s work.” 

With roots in a big family and a bustling home- a European arts and crafts home with beautiful architecture, Flanigan’s earliest memories are of decorating his mantle. Aesthetics grew into a passion and a backdrop for the family hospitality business that would open in his formative years, and imbue the importance of service. Business schooling at Siena College honed his acumen and showed the left brain and right brain balance which would become his unique calling card— understanding both beauty and the business that buoys it. 

His greatest joys are togetherness with family, friends and making new ones- amid the bustle of life - from the family dinner table and its dull roar, to a train station roaring with footsteps, energy and roasting coffee. 

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